On-Demand Webinar - Embedded Payments: Why integrate payments capabilities into your tech stack


Embedded payments: Why integrate payments capabilities into your tech stack

From neo-banks offering new product lines and increasing customer stickiness, to lenders reducing fraud and customer complaints, businesses across the financial services sector and beyond are harnessing the power of embedded payments.

Embedded payments is a new concept that tightly binds payments functionality into technology stacks, providing businesses with full control over payment capabilities such as account creation, money movement, and 24/7 visibility and availability, into payment flows and processes. This turns any company into a payments company.

Historically, to gain access to this level of payments capability, businesses had to rely on traditional banks who were thinking about accounts and payments as a way connect to customers and offer the products on which they make a return, rather than offering them as way to help customers innovate and grow.

Embedded payments can help them achieve both. Regulatory developments have paved the way for innovative technology providers to provide direct access to payments capabilities, opening up solutions that challenge traditional business models - particularly across industries such as alternative/neo-banking, lending, crypto, and travel.

Sign up for this Finextra webinar, hosted in association with Modulr, to join our panel of industry experts as they discuss the following areas:

  • What defines embedded payments and why is it important for all businesses?
  • Which business areas will most effectively reap the benefits of embedded payments?
  • How are businesses integrating embedded payments into their processes and even their products?
  • How do embedded payments mitigate risk, and improve customer experience?
  • What are the most exciting use cases for embedded payments?


  • Jane Cooper - Researcher, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Andrew Griffin -  Chief Financial Officer, Modulr
  • Chris Lowrie - Chief Operating Officer, HyperJar
  • David Birch - Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services, 15Mb Ltd
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Jane Cooper Researcher, Finextra [Moderator]
Andrew Griffin Chief Financial Officer, Modulr
Chris Lowrie Chief Operating Officer
David Birch Author, Advisor & commentator on digital financial services, 15Mb Ltd