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Chandresh Pande

Generative AI’s Impact on FX Markets

Abstract Technology and Finance are a match made in heaven. In the vast and intricate world of Finance, few areas have evolved technologically as much as FX trading over the past few decades. From bei...

32 m
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Illia Pinchuk

How to create a customer-centric ecosystem in insurance with omnichannel CX

All-around online services and the variety of new digital means require service providers to rethink their technology landscape. Insurance providers experience this need more vividly than others. Beca...

2 h
DICEUS Insurtech Insights
Ankur Rawat

Bringing Minimalism in Banking with Content Services

You may have heard of minimalism, a popular lifestyle trend focused on practicing mindfulness and decluttering your space. But does this trend live up to the hype, and if so, can organizations apply i...

17 h
Teena Nair

Composable Core Banking – A symphony on cloud

The pandemic has provided an impetus to the Core Modernization and Digital adoption strategies. The Banking technology landscape is constantly evolving and adapting and building on that change is a m...

23 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Abhinav Paliwal

How To Develop A Omnichannel Banking Platform?

Traditional banking is no longer adequate in today's fast-paced digital environment to address the diversified and dynamic needs of modern clients. Banks have been forced to embrace new methods as cli...

29 Aug 2023
Fintech World
Pratheepan Raju

BFSI Focus Areas and Challenges

Technology is evolving continuously and there are several key focus areas that BFSI domain companies are looking at. These are driven by the need to adapt to changing customer preferences, speed to ma...

29 Aug 2023
Manish Lad

Selecting Right Database for right workload

Enterprises are nowadays working on modernize and trying to come out of legacy systems which are hard to maintain. Time consuming in terms of ready to market. Some are not that customer centric. Hence...

29 Aug 2023
Database Migrations
Konstantin Rabin

Global Inflation To Ease By End Of 2023: Will This Pull Crypto Out Of The Bear Market?

According to recent data, global inflation is projected to decline to 6.8% toward the end of this year, which is a 1.9% decrease from 8.7% and a 0.2% downward revision from earlier predictions. This i...

29 Aug 2023
Joris Lochy

Beyond the Surface: The concept of Underbanked in Developed countries

When we think about the concept of financial inclusion and more particularly about underbanked and unbanked populations, we often picture developing countries where access to banking services is limit...

28 Aug 2023
Financial Inclusion
David Hensley

Fintech appears to offer very little to the older consumer but at last the gap is starting to close

The fintech revolution has transformed the way we bank, invest, and manage our finances. But while fintech has been embraced by younger consumers, older adults have been slower to adopt these new tech...

28 Aug 2023
Imagine a world without cash
Maksym Popov

API Standardization as a Way of Doing a Successful Business

How API Standardization Can Save Money and Time on Implementation What Is API Standardization With globalization and streamlined technological progress, the IT sphere has experienced unprecedented gr...

28 Aug 2023
Abhinav Paliwal

How to Launch a Digital Banking Platform?

Traditional banking is becoming outdated. People are increasingly preferring to conduct everything online, and if your bank does not provide such options, it will fail. This period of transition is al...

28 Aug 2023
Fintech innovation and startups

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