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Diebold Nixdorf unveils two new ATM models

Source: Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a world leader in automating, digitizing and transforming the way people bank and shop, announced at Intersect Las Vegas the launch of two new models as part of its DN Series® family, the DN Series 600V teller cash recycler system for in-branch use, and the DN Series 430V, an outdoor walk-up cash recycler.

Both systems are powered by Diebold Nixdorf’s innovative, reliable fourth-generation generation recycling module, delivering superior performance with new capabilities such as dual-compartment cassettes.

In the recent 2023 Self-Service Banking Consumer Study conducted by YouGOV, an international research, data and analytics group, and commissioned by Diebold Nixdorf, 83% of the 2,003 respondents aged 18+ said they will not sign up with a new primary provider that does not offer convenient access to cash (69% Gen Z, 72% Millennials), signaling a need for cash accessibility. DN Series not only drives greater efficiencies and reduces costs for financial institutions, but also provides greater access to cash where it is needed most.

DN Series delivers the most reliable cash recycling system within a compact footprint, to support a comprehensive cash management system. By reducing cash replenishment requirements by up to 50%, DN Series’ cash recycling capabilities enhance cash management, reduce the amount of cash needed in ATMs and empower financial institutions with flexible, customized denominations and storage capabilities that can better meet the increasing consumer demand for cash.

The DN Series 600V teller cash recycler system is designed to enable 90% of transactions to be automated, providing increased operational efficiency through reliable, large capacity note handling and accelerated authentication.

The DN Series 430V outdoor, walk-up cash recycler was designed to withstand even extreme climate conditions and provide the highest availability. It provides critical access to cash where consumers need it most: in outdoor shopping areas; at sporting events; close to tourist attractions, bars and restaurants; or any location where cash is required.

Joe Myers, executive vice president, Global Banking, at Diebold Nixdorf said: “Easy access to cash remains critical for meeting consumers’ expectations and maintaining inclusiveness for certain segments, as cash usage varies by age, income and geography. Intelligent cash management and self-service is key to offset a smaller branch footprint and to automate and migrate a growing number of transactions and services. DN Series addresses this and showcases our continued R&D investment and commitment to helping financial institutions optimize operations through cash recycling, increase security and reduce ATM downtime while personalizing the banking experience.”

All DN Series devices are powered by DN AllConnectSM Data Engine, which leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to maximize fleet performance and availability. By analyzing data patterns, trends and leading indicators, DN AllConnect Data Engine can identify an impending failure, triggering a proactive service call to avoid a future outage. This helps decrease the number of incidents, shorten resolution time and guarantee market-leading availability. In addition, DN Series includes enhanced security features to protect from traditional and emerging physical and cyber threats.

Both new models will be introduced at DN Intersect in Las Vegas, August 28-30. Intersect is Diebold Nixdorf’s premier American event that gathers hundreds of banking executives to explore critical themes in the financial industry, such as personalization, cost reduction, security, technology, metrics and channel integration. The three-day conference features live demonstrations and numerous sessions with industry thought leaders.

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