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Banks nowadays are in stiff competition for human resources with fintech. The financial technology sector often offers higher pay. Still, the prospects of many such start-ups are difficult to forecast – they are as likely to occupy a solid niche as they are to go bust. Stable companies in Latvia are only a handful. Primarily, fintech players active in Latvia are headquartered in foreign countries – the United Kingdom, to name one – despite maintaining offices in Riga and employing staff in Latvia

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Sergei Artimenia

Why Do Neobanks Fail? Challenges and Lessons.

In the ever-evolving world of banking, neobanks have emerged as digital disruptors, promising a seamless and innovative banking experience. However, not all neobanks succeed in this competitive landsc...

21 Aug 2023
Thomas Muth

5 Questions for Bankers to Understand Their Digital Maturity

Many banks have already embarked on digitalization strategies, started transformation initiatives, or moved towards becoming agile organizations. But how successful have these ambitions been? In a rec...

21 Aug 2023
Nick Green

Tackling the data deficit in BNPL

A lack of transparency in lending is an old problem made new again with BNPL. According to concerning reports, the UK government plans to delay regulation of the BNPL industry. But behind its ease of...

17 Aug 2023
Nick Green

4 practical tips for overcoming data distress

Stressed out and overwhelmed - that seems to be the sentiment among data leaders in financial services. A recent survey by data management firm Solidatus revealed alarming levels of work-related stres...

15 Aug 2023
Viren Patel

Fixing the hidden wiring is key to the success of tomorrow’s bank

Technology has revolutionised retail banks over the past decade. Customers now predominantly manage their money via apps with personalised features, virtual assistants, and financial suggestions tailo...

14 Aug 2023
Sergei Artimenia

How Neobanks and Digital Banks Differ

The rise of neobanks and digital banks has revolutionized the banking industry. They offer innovative solutions and user-friendly interfaces that make managing your finances a breeze. Whether you pref...

09 Aug 2023
Sergei Artimenia

What are the downsides of Neo banks?

While neo-banks offer many advantages in terms of convenience and accessibility, it is important to weigh these benefits against the potential drawbacks discussed below. By understanding both sides of...

07 Aug 2023
Sergei Artimenia

What Is Neobanking And How Does It Work?

In this article, I will explore the rise of neobanking and how it has become a game-changer in the financial industry. What makes neobanking so beneficial? How convenient, accessible and personalized ...

04 Aug 2023
Conor Colleary

It’s time to transform corporate banking, and the answer is embedded finance

Embedded finance has sent customer expectations soaring. Integrating a bank’s services directly into applications that their clients use is fast becoming second nature, with products like mobile walle...

04 Aug 2023
Gemma Staite

Phish, RATs, and Mules – Scams that make up the new fraud menu

Fighting financial scams has always been a task as chaotic as feeding time at the zoo. But as remote access attacks and money laundering join Phishing as some of EMEA’s most common digital crimes, cyb...

26 Jul 2023

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