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Junior Reporter at Finextra
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Bio Sehrish is a junior reporter, with an interest in sustainable finance. Career History Sehrish took an interest in fintech journalism after university. Sehrish graduated from UCL with a BA in History of Art.

Long reads

UK finance and tech sectors merely pay lip service to diversity and inclusion

24 Aug 2023

As ESG guidelines have become mainstream in the financial industry, financial organisations have been implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) frameworks to keep up with the times and stay relevant amidst social and cultural changes in the industry. However, data from the FDM Group reveals that UK companies in the finance and banking se...

Future of Fintech in the Middle East 2023: Aiming to become an AI hub

17 Aug 2023

This is an excerpt from The Future of Fintech in the Middle East 2023 report. The Middle East has seen rapid technological advancement and digitalisation over the past couple of decades. The region has blossomed into a tech hub, with Gulf nations establishing sophisticated technological frameworks. In the development of AI innovations, the Middle ...

Breaking into Fintech: Here’s how to get hired at ClearBank

07 Aug 2023

For Finextra’s latest Breaking into Fintech, we sat down with Nadine Adams, head of human resources at ClearBank, a cloud-based clearing bank that offers APIs and financial services to financial institutions. Adams confers how there is no one ‘ideal candidate’ when hiring and that company values are at the heart of the discussion. What top tips c...

Future of Fintech in Africa 2023: AI developing rapidly, but South Africa leads the charge

27 Jul 2023

This is an excerpt from The Future of Fintech in Africa 2023 report. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in AI-related startups and national AI advancements in Africa. The continent as a whole faces issues with large geographic swathes and population segments which remain undigitised, resulting in a huge unbanked population. Ho...