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Julie Lindenberg

The fintech industry needs more town planners (and chefs; and business owners; and school teachers…)

A town planner walks into a tech company. The programmers eye each other out, intrigued by the unexpected arrival. The town planner was not wearing noise-cancelling headphones; they weren’t wearing th...

31 Jul 2023
Bekir Ablaiev

Fintech marathon or in which countries is EMI license popular?

Each of us has dealt with banks at least once in our lives: opening an account, receiving a scholarship or salary, paying for utilities. The average citizen, who is not involved in the world of financ...

06 Jul 2023
Rick Song

Dynamic IDV: Solving The Complex Challenge of Evolving Identity

To most organizations you interact with, your identity extends beyond just who you are. For a healthcare institution, your identity is you plus your proof of insurance. In dealing with your stockbroke...

07 Jun 2023
Yuliya Barabash

Fintech Startup market is stagnating?

The market of fintech startups is not moving. Currently with collegues we were analyzing our results 2023 and found out that fintech startups are less active nowadays. In comparison with 2020, 21 and ...

23 May 2023
Joris Lochy

Changing market conditions will revolutionize the Fintech industry

The rapid growth of the Fintech industry in recent years happened in a decade of exceptional economic climate, i.e. extremely low interest rates (close to 0% or even negative), exceptionally low infla...

06 Apr 2023
Retired Member

Turning up the dial at Finovate Europe

I was delighted to participate in the recent Finovate Europe in London where over two days I engaged with some of the most influential speakers within global finance, discussing how technology, busine...

05 Apr 2023
Luigi Wewege

Exploring 7 of the Latest Technological Trends in Fintech

The fintech industry is constantly evolving and improving, and 2023 is no exception. It is predicted that the fintech space will multiply and reach $174 billion in 2023. The banking industry has rece...

25 Feb 2023
Retired Member

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) in Financial Services

AWS provides financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance the secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services they need to differentiate themselv...

11 Jan 2023
Retired Member

Facial Recognition using AI with AWS

Amazon Rekognition is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) computer vision platform that was launched in 2016. It has been sold to and used by several United States government agencies as well a...

03 Jan 2023
Retired Member

Amazon OpenSearch Service with ELK

What is the ELK Stack? The ELK stack is an acronym used to describe a stack that comprises of three popular projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Often referred to as Elasticsearch, the ELK s...

26 Dec 2022

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