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Inclusiv: financially underserved most impacted, yet climate mitigation programmes achieve success

20 Jul 2023

Credit Union intermediary says members hit hard by climate change have developed innovative solutions, warranting them prime seats at policy and funding table. In the second part of our feature on Community Deposit Financial Institution (CDFI) and financial inclusion empowerment advocate Inclusiv, Finextra examines the New York City-based organizat...

Unbanked, financially-excluded find Inclusiv a powerful ally

13 Jul 2023

Inclusiv is an organization that combines deep know-how with dynamic, on-the-ground local partner support in its surprisingly effective approach to reinventing financial services and making the ‘system’ work – in many cases for the first time - for millions of individuals who’ve often been considered ‘not up to standard’ by traditional banking pla...

Open finance in the corporate world

22 Jun 2023

Banking and finance, circa 2019: Everybody knows large corporates and international firms are the only ones who need more than one bank, right? And for those who do, there are all sorts of customised connectivity options offered by the banks they use, and even APIs to make it work beyond those in-house systems, if required. So why does any less c...

On the cusp of the instant payments era

20 Jun 2023

Faster payments are not new. Instant payments, however, are truly the ‘newest kids on the block’ when it comes to payments, though they look different depending on where you find them. Standardisation, innovation, and regulation are all playing a part in elevating the ‘young upstarts’ of the payment world to leadership status for our new global ec...